1) AVOID situations which irritate you: Observe the times when you are inclined to explode. Think about and plan in advance. If you sense a reason for an explosion, find a way out. Eg. If your child throws a tantrum each time you go shopping; avoid taking him.

2) LEAVE once you begin to sense hostility brewing: If you don’t feel you can keep calm, excuse yourself and give yourself a ‘timeout’. 

3) Find TECHNIQUES that calm you down: In most situations, simple techniques like taking deep breaths or counting backwards work. A  quirky method which is useful for some is humming to self or singing to self.

4) PAUSE  before you react: Sometimes, lashing out or responding aggressively at the moment helps. Before your burst,  take a brief moment to take a deep breath or close your eyes. 

5) Take enough CARE OF YOURSELF and REST your body: One is more likely to lose control if you are hungry tired and stressed out.  Eat healthy meals. Cut down on caffeine. Exercise regularly.

REACH OUT: If you feel overwhelmed and out of control, seek professional help. Trained Psychologists will help you understand your anger and find techniques to deal with it.