Anxiety is natural in the stressful modern environment, but Ayurveda has an answer for that as well. The answer lies in the better control of the three doshas, as mentioned in Ayurveda. Pacifying the Vata can lead to the condition of lesser stress and anxiety.

To pacify Vata, it is essential to stay warm through warm beverages like milk and honey and to use a hot water bottle at the feet or having a warm bath. If these are done before going to sleep, then it will help immensely in controlling anxiety. Usage of oil can help, and one can use the likes of sesame oil and olive on their backs and feet. It can also be used to massage the head and temples. Massaging every morning before taking a shower can be very helpful. Alternate nostril breathing, which helps sync the right and left brain can also help in keeping away stress. Meditation and a diet consisting of food without caffeine, carbonation, and chemical ingredients can also be beneficial. 

Lastly, Yoga can be of great help, and specific exercises are so constructed that it helps in keeping anxiety at bay.  All such habits must become a routine, and then keeping anxiety and stress away would be no difficult task.