Stress and anger is a potent mix. Anger leads to weight gain and stress prevents weight loss. Many people struggling with weight loss actually don’t eat much, but are unable to slim down. The role of anger – it is responsible for weak muscles and pot belly fat which are typical indicators of stress related obesity. Food cravings – anger and stress also cause cravings for food that are high in fat, sugar and salt. In men the person develops weak or soft arms or leg muscles, fat around the belly, an emerging double chin and darkening or hyper pigmentation. In women, stress obesity shows up as excessive fat around the belly, skin changes such as acne or roughness, and as fat deposits on the back and waist. They may also develop excessive facial hair, and retain water, causing them to feel bloated all the time. Stress obesity cannot simply be treated by going on a diet because there is a combination of several hormones resisting weight loss. It requires greater help in terms of professional treatment, which involves herbal medicines, stress management, specific exercises and regulation of diet pattern.


  • Drink two litres of water everyday. 
  • Begin your day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach.
  • Have triphla in the night to increase alkaline levels in the gut.
  • Keep dinner as light as possible with minimum or no salt.Take natural diuretics such as Jasmine green tea, barley water and nimbu paani. 
  • Have a healthy diet.