Athletics is a high pressure situation. You work day-in and day-out to keep your body fit. You need to keep pushing your body to reach tougher and tougher targets every minute and every day. 

Needless to talk of the immense internal politics and psychological stresses that our athletes face, they also sustain injuries every now and then, either as acute trauma or as repetitive stress injuries.

Most athletes and players do not have even the most basic support or access to medical care. This has to change. A system has to be worked to link up all sports academies and centres with basic Sports medical care without placing too much burden on the system.Medical care as far as Sports is concerned doesn't come after the athlete has sustained the injury. Medical contact starts even earlier, during training. The athletes and players have to be primed for the type of injuries each of them are prone to face. The injuries vary widely based on the sport, body habitus, strength, technique, etc. So each athlete is special and unique not only for his/ her sporting technique but also the possible injuries, prevention precautions and therapeutic care.

Efforts to provide scientific medical support to all professional athletes will definitely bear fruit.