1) Do not FORGET YOUR SPOUSE: One of the common mistakes we make once we tie the knot or have a baby is that we take our spouse for granted. The spouse starts feeling ordinary and the  ‘SPECIAL FEELING’ goes out of the window.

2) Take time to  COMMUNICATE  with each other: Many times, we assume that the spouse should understand us without us actually putting in words what we are feeling. Your spouse cannot read your mind, so please ‘talk’ and express your feelings.

3) RESPECT each other: You are married to your spouse that doesn’t mean he/she should agree with each and every opinion or advice. Accept that people are different and respect their opinion.

4) Be INTIMATE: Hug and cuddle your partner at the end of the day. Take your partner for a date night at least once a month.       

5) CULTIVATE  positive interactions every day: Not impossible, we do it for our kids, then why not your partner. It could be as simple as giving a compliment, show your appreciation for something big or small, relive a fun memory or cook a special meal. Join a dance/pottery class or play a sport together.   

REACH OUT: If you still have marital conflict, put it to rest by seeking the help of a marital counsellor.