Hair fall has been a burning problem in everyone’s life. More than 70 percent of men and women suffer from acute hair loss issues at some point in their life. Hair fall can occur due to various reasons like genetical trait, aside effect of anything, disease, etc. However the worst part of any hair loss is its impact on their quality of life that includes being self- consciousness, frustrated, change in appearance, embarrassment.

So are you trying to find the perfect and effective solution to address your issue?

Well with the advancement of the technologies, various cosmetic surgeons concluded that Hair Transplant can be the ideal way to regain hairs just like before.

Hair Transplant Procedure:

Hair Transplant is one of the greatest boons of medical science in the world of cosmetic surgery.  Any cosmetic surgeon who is efficient and experienced in the hair transplant procedure can be your saviour. The procedure is usually performed under Local anaesthesia to a carry on a painless surgery.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are removed from the other part of the body or from the backside of the donor’s scalp where the hair density is high, surgeon’s term as the “Donor site”. These hair follicles are implanted in those areas of the scalp that have a dearth of hair or where required and this area is known as the “Recipient site”.

The graft containing follicles are implanted on the balding and thinning areas. The procedures are performed by utilizing Common surgical procedures called FUE. In specific Conditions, we used called FUT.

Reasons why people opt for Hair Transplant:

  • Anyone undergoing Hair Transplant can start developing new hairs look naturally.
  • The hairs re-born after the Hair Transplant procedure gives rise to permanent hair.
  • This technique has the ability to increase the density of hair.
  • Often people suffer from low self-esteem due to less hair or badness. But performing Hair transplant and the obtained results can actually make you feel confident, young and beautiful.
  • Last but not the least; Hair Transplant is the safest, convenient, non-painful procedure with minimum downtime and quick recovery.

Hair Transplant Options: Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT)-FUT is the most successful and popular hair transplant procedure for the last few decades. This procedure gives a natural looking appearance and also a natural healthy growth of the hairs. The procedure is performed under a high-resolution microscope which diminishes the chances of damaging hair follicles while the procedure. FUT procedure includes extracting hair follicles in a donor strip, which is then segregated into individual follicular units. These are then transferred i=on the harvesting site.

  • Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE): FUE is pretty much similar with FUT, the only difference is, here in this procedure the hair follicles are extracted individually and not in a strip from the back or side of the head. This process involves less bleeding, bruising and scarring.

Alternatives for you:

  • Oral medications(Propecia) can be taken as an alternative male hair transplant alternative.
  • Rogaine or Minoxidil is a topical solution can also be an alternative to hair restoration surgery. 
  • A newest hair transplant alternative is to use blood platelets which have many growth factors which are infused right into the scalp.
  • A laser light comb can be used thrice in a week for 8-15 minutes as an alternative.