(1) Concentrate on a balanced, healthy diet rich in essential nutrients. Ensure the inclusion of calcium, iron and protein in your daily diet.Eat raw oats since it is a rich source of silica which is vital for hair growth. Vitamin B and C are also essential for hair growth.

(2) Cleansing your hair is important on a regular basis, especially if you live in hot, humid climate. The accumulation of sweat on your scalp can cause fungal infections that can result in loss of hair and other skin problems.Though it is not possible to monitor the water source regularly, try to avoid using harsh water as it may damage the roots of your hair. Use your fingertips rather than nails while applying shampoos and conditioners on your hair.

(3) The combing technique is crucial for healthy hair. Before combing your hair,it is better to separate the hair tangles with a wide-tooth comb by combing gently in downward direction. Since your hair is weakest when wet, try to soak it dry with a towel before combing.

(4) Drying your hair with a hair dryer can rob the hair of essential moisture.Opt for “air dry” rather than “hair dry”.

(5) Condition your hair as often as possible to make up for the harm caused by the pollutants present in the environment, for ex-sun, chlorine, hard water and air pollution.

(6) Follow a hair trimming procedure on a regular basis to get rid of the spilt ends and ensure a healthy hair growth.

(7) Make use of natural/organic conditioners and shampoos for cleaning and conditioning your hair if you can.Don’t get swept off by big brands and labels since most of them have chemicals and synthetics which can have adverse effect on your hair and skin. Before trying out a product, check the composition.

(8) Wear a Hairstyle that complements your dressing and personality. Be careful while choosing hair-styling products.Let your hair relax, don’t experiment too much with styling-it may cost you your hair!

(9) Healthy sleeping patterns can help you solve many hair problems, so get a good 7-8 hour sleep everyday.

(10) Get a hair massage once or twice a week since it stimulates and improves blood circulation in the scalp, which enhances hair growth.