Modern research has long lost its principle of working on the root of any health issue. Instead, researchers are focusing on attacking the symptom. One such issue is hair loss.

There are scores of over the counter shampoos and other topical application liquids, medicines and steroids all of which claim to stop hair loss. And people continue to lose hair.

Let us try and understand the root cause of hair loss instead of fighting hair loss.

Hair is a byproduct of your bone tissue. If your bone tissue is not nourished properly, you are bound to have hair fall.

So, there are two questions; How does bone get malnourished and second, how to improve its nourishment?

According to Ayurvedic texts, the bone tissue is nourished by the fat tissue. The fat tissue does not come from the fats we consume! It is present and is nourished by the muscle tissue which is in turn nourished by the blood tissue which is primarily nourished by the nutrient rich fluids called Rasa derived from the food we consume in quality, quantity and at the appropriate time.

So, if the basic nutrient rich fluids are not properly formed, one by one, all the tissues get malnourished and so, the bone tissue also remains malnourished and hence results in hair fall. There are several symptoms caused by malnourished bone tissue and hair fall is one of them.

Now, the second question is, how do we stop it? 

We need to improve our digestion and also balance the three doshas in the process. Vata - mobility or intestinal peristalses must be regulated. Faster or slower intestinal peristalses changes the way we digest food. 

Pitta, breaking down of ingested foods must be optimised and kapha, absorption and assimilation of nutrients have to be improved.

Before we come into the domain of medicines, we can focus on eating right.

  • If you eat your meals when you are hungry and drink water when you are thirsty, there are very good chances that your hair fall will stop within a week.
  • Breakfast before 9am, lunch before 1pm and dinner before 8pm is optimal. 
  • Secondly, abstaining from reading, watching TV, answering phone calls while eating will help immensely. 
  • Avoid mixing cooked foods and milk in a meal. Avoid eating sweets,fruits, ice-creams after meals.