The procedure involves fat removal but is not an alternative to dieting and exercise. It is not a means of weight reduction but body contouring and sculpting. Although following a good healthy diet and a daily exercise is a better idea but localized fatty deposits such as on thighs, hips and abdomen etc may be inherited traits and may not be corrected by just a good lifestyle. In such cases liposuction rather we should say liposculpting is a good option.

Some fast facts about the surgery are as follows:

The length of the surgery varies from 30minutes to 5 hours depending on the extent of fat removal.

It is done under local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, epidural block or general anesthesia.

The length of the stay at the hospital is usually 1 day.

Initially there is mild to moderate discomfort. You can go back to work after 10 days but sternous exercises should be avoided for atleast a month.

Most of the swelling subsides within a week while mild residual swelling goes after 3 months.

The scars are minute and inconspicuously placed.

Complications are possible but unlikely if done by a well trained and experienced plastic surgeon.

To conclude would like to emphasize on the point that the success of the procedure lies in the understanding of the patient that the procedure is not for weight reduction but spot reduction i.e. localized fatty deposits. It is the most frequently done aesthetic procedure in the USA and worldwide which seems to be a truly magical procedure than any other aesthetic procedure.