A 52 years old lady known to me suddenly one day came with pain in the shoulder joint.

In the beginning, she only had complaints of movements and pain while sleeping on one side. But later on the pain started aggravated with every passing day and it became almost impossible for her to continue with her daily chores like combing. She was suffering from Frozen Shoulder. 

The disease ratio is 1:100 and it is more common in diabetic patients. Almost 11% Diabetes, Thyroid and people suffering from cardio-logical diseases are more prone to frozen shoulder. The disease starts slowly with pain in the shoulder and then gradually reduces movement in the shoulder.

  • Female patients find it extremely difficult to comb hair or even to drape a saree.
  • Male patients generally have complaints of pain while they try to take out their wallet from the back pocket.    

Physiotherapy for women
Physiotherapy for men

Physiotherapy exercise is the best solution for reducing the pain. Sometimes the patient needs to exercise daily along with injections in the shoulder joint. But still, some patients need surgical treatment.