Almost all of us have been the target of cold and cough, especially during a change in weather. In Indian cities we constantly hear the phrase, “there’s a bug going around”. This season, try Ayurveda remedies to fight cold and cough at home.

Read on to find out the 5 really cool and simple Ayurvedic home remedies to ‘fight the bug’:

1. Inhale Turmeric Smoke

As children, we have all consumed turmeric either with milk or honey for throat relief. However, here’s a new convenient way to use this product for almost instant relief. Inhaling the smoke of burning turmeric called the dhoomapaanan is an effective solution to treat cough and cold. 

Take a dried turmeric root; dip half of it in castor oil for 10-15 minutes. Then hold the dry end and ignite the soaked end. Put off the fire right away. The emission of smoke can be used as a natural inhaler. This turmeric smoke directly helps in reducing nasal congestion and can also be used to cure headaches due to sinus. If this is too difficult – add turmeric to a facial sauna and inhale!

2. Garlic has Antiviral Properties

Love the taste of garlic? Garlic is one of the best natural ways to get rid of a cough and cold because of its antiviral properties. The method is fairly simple. Crush 4-5 cloves of garlic, sauté with a spoon of warmed pure ghee and have the mixture with your meals. This would not only give you an instant soothing feel but also unclog the mucus by making it thinner.

3. The Onion Remedy

Do you know that the onions you eat as a salad can be the perfect cure for a cold? All you have to do is combine 1 teaspoonful of raw onion juice with 1 teaspoonful of honey. Let it stand for 3-4 hours. Take this syrup thrice a day. 

Drinking warm onion broth is also a magic potion for a dry cough. The reason behind this magic is that onions contain healing sulfur which makes them a staple of chronic cough remedies.

4. Evergreen Tulsi

Sometimes, getting a cold and cough can mentally and physically exhaust us. Tulsi, a natural refreshment, has various properties to help cure the flu. The simple procedure is to mix about 8-10 leaves of Tulsi with ginger extract and honey. A teaspoon of this preparation thrice a day will give you a good relief from a cough. Ginger helps in relieving the congestion in the tonsils and act as natural analgesics. 

Alternatively, you can first boil tulsi leaves, pepper powder and ginger before making tea. This ginger tea is great to get relief from a sore throat and cold/ cough.

5. Honey and Pepper Duo 

Ever heard that your irritating cough and chest congestion could be cured by black pepper? YES, it can be. Black pepper contains several antibacterial properties providing relief from nasal and chest congestion. Mixing the pepper with honey would improve the taste. Mix the freshly ground black pepper with honey in a mug and add boiling water. Let the ingredients infuse for about 10 minutes and then consume it. You can repeat this once or twice a day based on the severity of your flu. 

So what are you waiting for? Try these home remedies and stay healthy this season!