E R E C T is simple mnemonic to know causes for High blood pressure.

E - stands for Essential Hypertension which means it has no cause and is found in 85% of people

R - stands for Renal/Kidney related cause for hypertension like kidney stones, kidney failure etc

E - stands for Endocrine causes for hypertension like Tumours of Adrenal gland situated just above kidneys or excess consumption of steroids or oral contraceptives

C - stands for Coarctation of aorta a birth defect in aorta which is major blood vessel coming out of heart which needs correction

T - stands Toxemia of pregnancy which happens during second or third trimester of pregnancy

Except for Essential hypertension all other causes are for hypertension are curable that means Hypertension also in these patients are curable, hence look for these secondary causes