Generally, people think that the reason for their weight gain is overeating, not exercising enough and high-calorie foods like sweets and junk food, but do you know that another reason behind your obesity is psychological. Most people are not aware of it and they are overweight due to psychological or medical problems or they cause hormonal changes due to these problems and they become weight gain. 

So what really causes weight gain?Here are some reasons which are responsible for your uncontrollable weight gain:

Stress and tension – Psychological conditions like stress and tension increase the amount of a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for weight gain and can lead to obesity.

Lack of sleep - Hormones impaired due to lack of sleep in the body are releasing hormones. This can increase weight.

Medicines - Some medicines to remove allergies, depression, stress, diabetes, or hormonal problems may increase weight.Consult your Doctor to adjust the dosage of these medications or even change the problem causing medications.


Thyroid Problems - Hyperthyroidism can be due to less activity of the thyroid gland. This can lead to an increase in weight.

Bacteria -There are two types of bacteria within our body. If the good bacteria in the stomach is low, the digestion is not good. It starts accumulating fat, resulting in unexplained and uncontrolled weight gain.

Genetics - If your parents or siblings have problems with obesity, chances are that you might acquire obesity at some stage of your life.

 Lifestyle - Sleeping too little or too much, not exercising, eating more junk food, drinking alcohol or cold/carbonated drinks and smoking cigarettes. These habits can increase your chances of obesity.

Depression - Many people eat more and more to overcome depression. This is called binge eating. It can increase weight and lead to obesity and other diseases.