In general, every individual suffers from anxiety. So, children do suffer from anxiety  and it is very common among children now a days. It is a normal and harmless part of childhood and children can usually go through this phase at any point in time. 

Such a phase is transitory and is not permanent. However, the distress caused by such anxiety can make the child suffer from mental stress in the form of worry, concentration problem, self-doubting, confusion, irritation, helplessness, poor performance in school, insecurities, isolation, etc.

Besides, if the severity of the effects of such anxiety continue to stay and remains unaddressed, the child may or can develop an anxiety disorder in the future. Such a condition can lead to depression, eating disorder, severe self-esteem issues, poor job performance, interpersonal relationship problems, substance abuse disorders, and other related issues. They may also develop an unhealthy personality due to a lack of coping skills.

What can parents do to help their children deal with anxiety?    

1. Start communication: It should be gradual, not forceful.

2. Active listening: Encourage your children to speak more. Make them comfortable by showing that you are listening. Appreciate them whenever they talk about their stress. Give them the understanding that you understand them.

3. Do not try all types of measures all at the same time. Seek the best support one at a time.

4. Seek professional help - A child psychologist or clinical psychologist can be a useful resource in such a situation.

When such family and professional support is provided to the children, it makes them assertive enough to learn to manage their anxiety successfully and to cross the anxiety phase with much ease.

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