Dear friends,

These days we hear a lot of noise about various diet regimes like twice a day meal or intermittent fasting and many more. Lot of patients keep enquiring about advantages and disadvantages of each diet regimes. 

My intention here is to give pros and cons of such regimes, clarify who should try it out and who shouldn’t. 

I had a lady diabetic patient who came with moderately controlled type 2 diabetes but looked very frail and depressed. On further enquiring it became evident that she was following a particular strict diet regime and to maintain that she stopped going out completely so that she shouldn’t get tempted to eat anything beyond her prescribed diet. This led to her social isolation. After being counselled she started relaxing her diet norms and with appropriate care she recovered completely and now she looks healthier. 

Any diet should be sustainable and should not make patient sad or unhappy. Patient needs to control diabetes to live a normal life and he doesn’t need to live to check numbers of sugars!!

People who follow such diets should never stop their medication without consulting their doctors.  Also people who are diabetics and on medication shouldn’t expect a complete reversal but remission of diabetes can be seen in newly diagnosed diabetics or prediabetes can be halted with strict calorie restrictions. 

All types of diets are good when followed with proper understanding and mental preparedness. Best is to combine moderate exercise with diet and regular meditation to have optimum health.