1. Tips for Dealing with painful chewing:
  2. If it hurts, don’t eat it.
  3. Don’t eat citrus fruits and tomato products, because the acidity in them may irritate mouth sores.
  4. Choose soft, moist, bland, non-irritating foods, such as oatmeal, pasta, avocados, soups, stews, mashed yams or potatoes, bananas, custards, puddings and fish.
  5. Moisten foods with gravy and sauces.
  6. Try using a straw to drink liquids.
  7.  Try to avoid smoking and alcohol, as they irritate inflamed tissues in the mouth.
  8.  Thrush (Candida) thrives on sugar, so limit sweets or rinse your mouth well after sweet foods and drinks. Dealing with dry mouth and altered tastes.
  9.  Choose moist foods or moisten foods with gravy, sauces, water or broth.
  10.  Brush teeth after meals with a soft toothbrush.
  11.  Drink plenty of fluids, especially while eating.
  12.  Avoid commercial mouthwashes, as they can irritate the mouth.
  13. Try a mouth rinse using 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to 1 cup cool water. Swir lit in your mouth and then spit it out.  Do not swallow.
  14. Use lip balm.
  15. For altered tastes, adjust the flavouring of foods to enhance pleasant flavours.
  16. Try masking unpleasant tastes with marinades, sauces, salt and spices.
  17. Chocolate and vanilla are good taste and smell stimulants.
  18. Sugar masks salty tastes and salt masks sweet tastes.
  19. Use plastic utensils to decrease a metallic taste and use sugar-free gum and candies to cover up a bitter taste.

Dealing with swallowing problems

  1.  Choose softer foods with fewer chunks. Soft, mashed foods and thick liquids like milk shakes and meal  replacement drinks are usually easier to tolerate. It may be necessary to puree food in a blender if  swallowing is very painful.
  2.  If there is a sensation of choking while eating or drinking, you may be at risk of aspirating food into  the lungs. Be sure to discuss this right away with your healthcare team. 

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