Communication is the basic foundation of any relationship on which all else is built. An individual must master a handful of essential skills to enjoy close relationships. During my counselling sessions, mostly all unmarried and married couples complain about lack of good communication. One partner is assertive or other may not. One is a good listener or other may not. Developing and maintaining good communication is a lifelong process.  It takes time, practice, patience and attention in detail to develop good communication skill. There are some do’s n don’ts to enhance your intimate relationship/marriage. Following strategies during communication, an individual should not employ if he/she is seeking to enhance intimacy because these approaches destroy an intimate relationship:-

  • The person avoids sharing feelings that lead to distance in the relationship.
  • The individual assumes that I know what my partner want or think.
  • The individual uses the silent treatment creates a deeper gap in the relationship.
  • individual assumes that issues will disappear over time actually create more mess in the relationship.
  • The individual shares all of the negative feelings in a relationship.
  • The individual does only superficial talk like weather and daily events and avoids talking about the relationship.
  • During an argument, the individual brings up past issues or problems.
  • The individual blames the other for any problems.