Coconut water (Fresh, not bottled) can be given in cases of Dehydration/Dengue fever & can replace plasma/fresh blood/Platelets) as ingredients are full of natural vitamins & minerals.

Make sure that sips are given,to avoid vomiting in cases of Fevers/ Food Poisonings.

It is rapidly absorbed by the food pipe, does not cause acidity even if taken on empty stomach & a visit to Hospital to get intravenous fluids as therapy can be avoided.

Coconut water is a rich source of Potassium.

Some medicines for lowering High BP have diuretics as add-on.

Diuretics means that the kidneys are made to work extra to generate more urine,to reduce swellings on body or to bring down extra loads on the blood vessels, caused by Water Retention.

Diuretics as medicines do take away important salts from the body & it includes Potassium, Zinc, Manganese etc.

Depletion of salts causes cramps & body-aches.

Coconut water is a Natural Diuretic, which removes extra water from the body, without causing any side-effects.

Calories- 19 only.

Weight conscious people can rejoice.

Diabetics/ High BP/ Asthma/COPD patients controlled on medication can feel free to take a glass of natural Coconut water.

Can we drink Coconut water everyday?

Yes but just one a day as Extra Potassium can be Harmful for the Heart.

Does it lead to weight loss?

Indirectly Yes, because a glassful gives a feeling of Satiety & fullness which can last for few hours.

Does it cause Diarrhea?

It does the work of cleaning the food pipe without causing any symptoms.

What is the best time to drink Coconut Water?

Preferably mornings because of the diuretic effect. It can upset the sleep,if taken at night.

Some sceptics feel that the absorption of nutrients is better, if taken on an empty stomach.

Well the choice about taking on empty stomach is ours & I feel that there is nothing wrong with it, if taken on empty stomach,if it is absorbed better.

Does Coconut Water Reduce Bad Cholesterol?

Yes, for sure, if other factors are taken care of (not eating Bad fats present in street foods, packaged & processed Foods)

What about tender Malai/Meat or Flesh of coconut?

Do Not Throw it away, fearing presence of fats in it.

It is a rich source of nourishment,giving us healthy fats.

Insist upon getting the Malai scraped and do eat it fresh along with Coconut water,so that the Entire SEED gives benefits, keeps the body full and well nurtured through Nature,all through the year.