Sinusitis Is a common condition where the tissues lining our sinuses get swelled up or inflamed. An infected sinus is generally filled with an undesirable fluid consisting of germs. Sinusitis is generally caused by common cold. It can also get triggered by nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, or a deviated septum.

Signs and symptoms of Sinusitis

The Symptoms of acute sinusitis include: 

  •    Facial pain
  •    Stuffy nose
  •    A cough       
  •    A runny nose
  •    Fever
  •    Bad breath
  •    Dental pain & Fatigue

The Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis

Congestion, Nasal blockage, Pus-filled nasal cavity,  A runny nose.

Homeopathy treatment for Sinusitis

Homeopathy treatment for sinusitis can be a long-term cure for the syndrome. Homeopathy medicines boost up the body’s natural immune system, treating sinusitis from the roots. 

The top homeopathic remedies for sinusitis are:-


  • Pyrogen Pyrogen is a commonly used medicine for any septic fever. The characteristic symptoms of chilliness, a sore bruised feeling of the body, high temperature, restless feeling, high rise of the pulse.
  • Belladona- High temperature with a severe throbbing headache. Red congested face with high temperature. No restlessness,

Cough -

  • Sticta - There is dry, hacking cough worse in the night. The cough is more at the time of taking a breath in i.e. during inspiration. There is heaviness feeling at the root of the nose with a blocked stuffy nose.
  • Bryonia alb - There is a dry cough. The cough is worse on talking, during the time of eating. Paroxysmal cough with vomiting. During coughing pain in the head or chest. More thirsty feeling with absolute dryness of mouth and takes more water at the time of drinking.

Headache -

  • Spigelia - Spigelia is given for sinus headache when the pain is located on left-side frontal portion of the head. There is also severe pain in and around the eyes. Even little eye movement aggravates the pain. The headache of spiegel starts at morning and gradually increases in intensity up to noon and then decreases. The pain is worse in heat of the sun or getting exposure to the sun. There is also a PND symptom associate with a headache.
  • Silicea - It is the head remedy for headache in Sinusitis. The keynote symptom of headache in silicea is - headache occurs after a draft of cold exposure. Warm wrapping of the head gives relief to headaches. The pain is generally located over the right eyes. Other symptoms like sweating profusely from hand and feet (hyperhidrosis).