Although you certainly don’t want to wait until you are fully organized to start whipping up healthy meals, it certainly helps to start out somewhat on the right foot. Once you are organized or are in the process of organizing, you can begin thinking about daily meal preparation

Work Out the Plan

The number one reason we all eat haphazardly is that we fail to plan. Although one may have custom meal plans—which help us learn to eat right—we also need a weekly or bi-monthly menu plan to assist with dinner, portable lunches, and quick-and-go breakfasts. Unlike the eating plan, however, the meal plan is something you, along with the rest of the members of your household, should create regularly. Although there are many different ways to go about this, it is less daunting if you dedicate time once a week for menu planning and follow a basic structure. 

The basic structure should have a tentatively plan to serve certain types of dishes once a week and even on specific nights if it helps. Alternately, you might decide to have a soup and salad night, healthy pizza night, stir-fry night, Mexican night, pasta night, and quick-skillet night. It depends on your preferences. Once you have a workable form, select main dish recipes that fits the theme and add in—just like you did with your eating plan—bread, side vegetables and salads, fruits, and healthy desserts as appropriate. 

Often with vegetarian cuisine, the vegetables are part of the main dish so you may simply need to add an additional bread or a fruit or leafy green salad and you are done. For example, a bowl of vegetarian chili goes great with soda crackers or homemade corn bread and sliced fresh fruit drizzled with fresh lime juice, whereas most bean and vegetable soups and pasta dishes need just a leafy green salad and some bread. A tofu and vegetable stir-fry with fresh ginger is complete. Just serve it over rice or Asian noodles with a glass of water and white wine if desired. Add a fresh or baked pear for dessert if you are still hungry.

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