Facts about panic anxiety attacks

The panic attack may be expressed  as a feeling of choking, palpitation , sweating , numbness or fear of approaching death, But here are some real time facts for those who consider themselves as victim of panic attacks

1. They are just like a  false fire  alarms triggered by your thoughts who are in anticipation of something bad! Remember....There is no fire! 

2. Every panic attack passes away without killing you, leaving you just as you were!,   with some rest and water and maybe an anti-anxiety pill.

3. All the medical investigations almost every time reveal that there is nothing wrong. 

4. There is no pathology , it just indicates how uptight one is  , how obsessed one is to avoid a negative outcome and how seriously tied up one is to each and every action. 

5. The build-up to a panic attack is the inability to let go of the persistent  fictional fearful thoughts

6. Panic attack is an anticipation of a bad event, which does not happen and eventually becomes worse than what was feared! 

7.  There is a genetic predisposition to anxiety , when one accepts it, it just stays in one small corner of one's life, sharing a marginal space 

9  The embarrassment of going to the emergency ward after every attack and coming back with an anti-anxiety pill and no heavyweight diagnosis has not sunken deep yet :)

10. Lack of trust (in life , body's healing intelligence,  people etc ) could be a highest common factor in anxiety sufferers

11  One absolute truth about the anxiety attack is that "it passes away" .

11. Are you still after all these years still taking your thoughts (that are telling you that something bad may happen) seriously !!


Apart from the psychiatric help in the form of anti-anxiety medicine which one may consider one does not have to do a thing!! How not to do a thing?

--- No literature on anxiety, no self-help, no tricks like meditation(which is suppression )

-----Not  dealing with those nasty thoughts, not giving them any significance or value 

------ And finally, no doctor hopping!!  As one shifts one's focus to do meaningful and fulfilling things, the ghost of anxiety passes away complaining of reduced attention!