Belly fat is defined as excess abdominal fat surrounding the organs in your stomach which gets accumulated with time.


When we consume food, it's fat content is broken down by body into fatty acids. Some fatty acids are used by body and some Fatty acids that aren't needed right away are accumulated as triglycerides and stored in fat cells, which have unlimited capacity.


One of the most common causes of belly fat is sedentary lifestyle i.e. simply eating too much and moving too little. Over time, we often become more sedentary. We spend less time walking, taking the stairs and exercising. When we eat more calories than we burn each day, an energy imbalance causes weight gain. But there are other causes of belly fat, too.

As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down, and total body fat gradually increases. Women tend to gain a higher fat percentage than men as they get older. Body fat distribution changes in menopause, which causes more fat to be directed to your abdomen.


There are several ways of reducing belly fat such as-

1. Eat plenty of foods rich in Fiber. 

2. Avoid foods that contain trans fatty acids. 

3. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. 

4. Eat a diet high in protein. 

5. Try to reduce your stress levels.

 6. Avoid eating a lot of sugary foods.

7. Do brisk walk daily.

8. Avoid eating refined carbs.

9. Avoid beverages high in sugars.

10. Get proper restful sleep.

11. Keep monitoring your daily food intake and exercise.

12. Consume whole fruit instead of fruit juices.

13. Replace milk tea with green tea.

14. Consume more salads with the meals.

15. Have lemon water throughout the day.