A healthy lifestyle - most helpful preventive tool in our hand.

In todays world the problem of non communicable diseases is on a rise. With advent of science we are able to save lives from various bacteria, viruses etc., but the number of life style diseases is on a rise. We see so many cases of heart diseases, cancer, mental health problems. My advice to readers is that a healthy lifestyle can prevent a lot of such issues. 

Some tips are:

1. Maintain a regular body rhythm by sleeping and eating in time.

2. Have a proper good night sleep.

3. Eat healthy food which should include cereals and pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh diary products, a right amount of non vegetarian food (if permitted by your overall customs).

4. Avoid junk and oily foods.

5. Indulge in physical activity and regular exercise.

6. Refrain from taking any addictive substance.

7. Try and spend regular time everyday doing something that you enjoy (have healthy hobbies).

8. Spend time with family and friends.

9. In case of any health issue, do not hesitate to discuss with a qualified health professional.