Holidays are the time to enjoy with your loved ones and relish on some lip-smacking food. On an average, people gain around  0.5 to 1 kg during the Holiday/New Year party season. Though this weight gain is not dramatic, research proves that it tends to stick on and accumulate over the years. The relief factor is that, these extra kilograms can be managed with some mindful eating and a few simple, yet effective strategies.

Here are 7 strategies that one can adopt to shed off those kilos and to avoid putting on more weight post the holiday/ party season:

1. Consume nutrients, not calories

This topmost rule is something that one should follow forever, especially post holidays! Watch out for those foods that are simply loaded calories such as chips, fried snacks, aerated drinks, biscuits, processed foods, sugary foods, candies, jams and jellies, sauces etc. Remember, anything that goes into our body should only add value to our body. Hence choose nutrients, not calories.

2. Move around, a lot and lot

When we aim to reduce calorie intake, it also makes real sense to think of how we can burn more calories. Since exercise routine was on pause, it's very important that we find ways to start and to stay physically active. Dance a lot, climb those hillocks, trek through hills, walk a lot, run as much as you can. Just move and move!

3. Snack sensibly

Snacking can help us cut down huge meal portions. It's very important that you pack and carry sensible snacking options such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables with dips, sprouts, roasted pulses etc. These can keep you sufficiently fuelled to feel nourished.

4. Prioritise protein

After all the holiday, high-carb food, it's time to include more protein in your meals. Include paneer, mushrooms, eggs, curd, chicken, fish, pulses such as channa, rajmah, green peas, labia, dals, milk etc. Make these your major options and limit the intake of cereals. Protein can keep the stomach full for a relatively long period and keep the metabolism in check.

5. Do not forget Fiber

It's always possible that our digestion gets affected when we are on such breaks. A good way to keep the digestive system on track is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These will keep one nourished well with comparatively fewer calories and simultaneously fill up ensuring you are less hungry through the day thereby helping one to manage holiday weight gain.

6. Hydrate well

Water is another important nutrient which was almost forgotten during your party breaks. Your body needs more water, to flush out toxins and keep your system clean. Hence, remember to carry your favourite sipper wherever you go now, and drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated.

7. Say 'No' to alcohol for a while now

Alcohol was a part of most of your celebrations. Now that you are back from your holiday and nearly done with all those social outings, it's time to stop the intake of any more alcohol. Alongside alcohol, it is equally important to say 'No' to all aerated drinks which will only shoot up the calories. 

Finally, be your own master. Fix your mind and tell yourself that now you will control what your body needs. It's definitely possible to get back on track and start healthy after a vacation. 

Keep these strategies on top of your mind and I am sure one can easily manage the holiday weight gain. In fact, by following these strategies, you may just not put on any more weight.

Happy Weight Management! Happy New Year!