1) Do not go to the doctor with some imaginary ailment. Hit the gym if feeling low.

  • More than 80% of illnesses are psychosomatic, means that in our imagination. 
  • A doctor will not shoo away (very few do it though!). He/She has to prescribe medicine(s)
  • Remember that every medicine carries side effects. 
  • Even eating more mithai/samosas carry risks.
  • Why should we pop pills for no reason?

2) If exercising is not possible due to age/weak joints, do a mental exercise like solving a puzzle, reading/writing good stuff.

3) Do Not Over indulge out of frustration and feel guilty later about taking more calories.

  • Any decision taken during a bad phase cannot be good for anyone.
  • No excuses to be given later on that ' I did it because I was feeling Low'

4) Be your own person, though professional help is available at a cost but who knows you better than yourself?

  • Write down the reasons for your mood disorder. Be honest about it, write positives and negatives about it 
  • Be honest in jotting down. 
  • We can come across solutions while writing or deep meditating.
  • This therapy carries no side effects, helps to analyse problems and does offers solutions if any.
  • Some problems have no solutions and acceptance is the Only Therapy.
  • Do not resort to Blame-Game, it may sound harsh to do but it is worth to accept responsibility. Despite Not being involved in any of the Game Plans Created by others to ruin/run down a straight person.

5) Being straight carries no risk, though teachers & learned people may say otherwise-Straight trees are cut faster!

  • It is better to get cheated once in life rather than cheat others, to become a habitual cheater.
  • Do Not resort to the Same Mistake Twice. Once Cheated does not give a licence to others to resort to cheating you again and again.
  • Stay away from such company. 

6) Be a healthy loner with a purpose in life.