Can anyone be free from (Hyper) Tension and Live Like a Free Bird? 

Some tensions are healthy and it is an art to fight them while modifying the Lifestyle:

1) Avoid Triggers which cause mood swings: Trigger can be different for each one of us. Identify them and learn to live and cope instead of being an escapist.

2) Ageing Gracefully:

  • Optimize opportunities for good health and Empower to live healthier.
  • So many illnesses related to faulty lifestyle can be avoided only if we could identify the metabolic changes which are going on as we age.
  • Digestion is slower, bones are weaker and capacity to utilize food as a source to build reduces.
  • Healthy ageing is a physical, mental and social adaptation to circumstances.

3) A balanced diet:

  •  As we get older, since metabolism is slower, the tendency to put on weight is more. In women after menopause, a gain of 1 kg/year is considered to be physiological. Still, try to keep weight under control by eating right kind of food.
  • DASH Diet is simple to follow and it is an effective tool for prevention of diseases ranging from high BP to Cancer.D-Dietary.A-Approach.S-Stop.H-Hypertension.
  • Emphasis is on regional fruits and vegetables with minimum salt to make the diet Alkaline.
  • Acidic diet, in contrast, has more meat and other forms of heavier foods which are difficult to digest puts in lots of efforts for digestion by our body releasing byproducts which are harmful.
  • DASH diet means, simple proteins like Low-fat Dairy products, whole grains, healthy fats like some nuts, a spoon of pure ghee/butter, lean proteins like steamed fish or boiled eggs.
  • Avoidance of foods which are processed, packaged or high in Saturated Fats.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables keep the weight under check and Natural sugar in fruits cause no harm to Diabetics also.

4) Reduce Salt to bare Minimum:

  • As it has Sodium which causes water retention and indirectly raises the blood pressure. No need to eat a bland diet.
  • Just avoid sprinkled salt, Papads, Achaars and packaged foods because Salt being a Preservative is added to make shelf life of food longer.
  • If need be, make Chutneys at home using healthy ingredients.
  • Take more Citrus fruits like lemons/Oranges etc. because of a high content of Potassium in them and Potassium Neutralizes Effects of Sodium.

5) Heal the ageing heart with exercise:

  • Aerobic exercises: Done in presence of fresh air with lots of Oxygen. 
  • If outside air is polluted, do not take risk of getting a Heart-Lung disease.
  • Minimum of 20-30 minutes of walking, swimming, cycling and
  • Yoga -Meditation for Remaining Focused, Motivated and Self Confident.
  • Do Step out of the house and live longer.