“DIETING” according to me, is “EATING RIGHT,” for which, most of us need preparation.  The fact is, our minds cannot accept portion control, bland, tasteless food and we need to fix ourselves to think that we must be ready for. 

Through various counselling experiences, I have realised that preparing to diet is itself a big challenge to most clients. So, here are few major tips on how one can prepare before going on a “DIET”.

  • Tell your close ones and your well-wishers that you are going on a DIET. Also, at the same time, take care of not announcing to the whole world. Avoid dinner invites and do not forget to inform your neighbours and relatives because most often we tend to break the diet because we cannot say NO to them. People who care will help you. The rest don’t!!!
  • Remember, dieting is a mind game. It’s a constant battle between your mind, tongue and the stomach where you will always have to give your “mind” the upper hand. Bury deep into your mind that you will stick to the diet, COME WHAT MAY!!!
  • It is very true that grocery shopping must be done after your meal. This definitely helps you with not picking up those stocks of processed foods and junk. A hungry stomach always ends up in an unhealthy and a hefty bill at the grocery store.
  • Stock up your kitchen shelves and fridge with all that’s on the plan. Keep your own small bowls, spoons and small plates that will help with portion control. Remember to keep a water bottle and stick to the fluid requirement.  
  • It is not a silly idea to stick a print out of your diet plan in your kitchen wall, doors or office cubicle. The more you see it, the more conscious you get. Trust me this helps!!!
  • Have an emotional goal!!! It can either be attending a wedding, being able to wear the most amazing outfit, going on an adventure trek, photo shoot etc.  Goals like 5kg weight loss, maintaining sugar levels etc. most often tend to fade away in a short time. Emotional goals trigger you better and the results are definitely worth it.

 Happy Dieting!!!