Do you feel tired, exhausted by the end of the day?Waking up to a new morning, doesn’t seem refreshing to you? Do you feel tired in your body, mind and soul and looking up to a new day only depresses you? It is very naturally understood that if your mind is tired, so will your body. And your thoughts, ideas and emotions are responsible for your mind’s outcome. Hence it is important that we learn that the happier we are in our heads, the happier we shall feel overall.

Now days we have developed the habit of being in a fast paced life, where our mind is expected to work at highest level for desired achievement. To be the race of success, you have to be at peek. But aren’t we loosing on our health in this race of compromise? And without your health at your side, success shall not be near you. Hence, if you want to compete and survive in the league of success, you need to have a healthy mind with a healthy body. Here are 3 useful and important tips that may help keep you going.

  • Be physically healthy: A healthy mind comes with a healthy body, so we shall be physically healthy too. Hence it is very important to take care of your body. Exercising regularly especially in the morning is a good way to be fit and it will keep your brain charged and less tired throughout the day. Yoga, Meditating or simplest of things such as listening to soft, soothing music can help you stay fresh and happy. Adding up a healthy diet will always keep your mind rejuvenated. Another way of keeping yourself physically fit is to stay away from any addictions like cigarettes, alcohols or any other kinds of drugs.(mindfulness)
  • Learn to de- stress: In spite of being physically healthy, you are bound to face challenge in your everyday life with your friends, colleagues, families, etc. Hence it may be very important to learn to manage the burden, stress, tension. There may be many incidents in your life which may not be in your favor or in your control like, a bad day at office, extra work, being yelled by a boss, an incurable illness, death, loss, etc. At such times you may only have an option to learn to deal with such circumstances. Listening to music, doing things that may make you feel calm, going for a walk, distracting yourself from a negative disturbing experience, meditating, talking to someone, etc are some of the very helpful techniques to de-stress.
  • Breaking monotonous life pattern: The pattern of Work-Home- Family may be responsible for making your mind and body succumb to boredom, stress and frustration. To keep your mind and body revitalized you need to keep yourself fresh and happy. You may find things to challenge yourself and boost up your life. Challenges may break the monotony of life and make our life, less boring. Another way to keep your life interesting would be by trying to find yourself something to do, that you love. Taking a trip away from home, playing sports, painting, go hiking, etc. Socializing, making new friends is another good way to keep your life going. When you are with and around lively people, you often tend to loosen your worry.

At the end it is important to remember that an everyday exercise is essential for keeping your mind and body invigorated. Everyday things that we do, right from taking a walk in the morning to solving a puzzle in newspaper, to taking out lunch time at work to sit with your colleagues can be easiest way to relive your stress. Talking/sharing daily life incidents with someone or driving from a different route on a odd day shall also help. Other things like learning new languages, doing crosswords, solving a rubric cube have been proven through research to be responsible for making your mind healthy and fit.

As it is rightfully said, ‘sound mind in a sound body’.