It is shown that 93% of all communication is non verbal. When we look at the implications of this, it becomes clear that an effective posture communicates and exudes confidence. Within time, people make associations of stress and emotion through their muscular systems, so they tend to wire in a lot of subconscious behavior through their postural dynamics. It is shown that your body language influences your brain patterns and can significantly change the way you react when communicating with others. If we eliminate the dynamics hindering efficient nonverbal communication, it will greatly enhance one’s life (whether it is in a personal or business sense).


Many people believe they are flexible, yet still have imbalances that make them inflexible in certain areas. Regardless of stretching and physical activity, it is still highly probable that a majority of people have tight muscles.  A ballet dancer can have tight hip flexors which impedes a range of motion when they perform. I have learned this to be true work with several myself.  This will depict which muscles are likely tight due to your compensations. Once these tight muscles are released, your movements will be even more streamlined, whether it’s an everyday movement like walking or a specialized movement for sports. Good flexibility is important because it enhances movement.  By having efficient length-tension relationships via efficient posture, we can optimize functional flexibility which will then lead to effective athletic performance. 


If we are able to maintain our functional dynamics when doing an exercise, then our performance is enhanced. Every muscle is similar to a rubber band, in the sense of elasticity. When you stretch a rubber band, it will return to its normal size and shape. However, if you continuously pull a rubber band past the point of where it can be stretched, the rubber band stays stretched out and doesn’t return to its normal size and shape.  Your muscular system works in the same way. Poor posture is similar to the stretched out rubber band. If we set up the core foundations of all movement (posture) your body will automatically use the powerful musculature that needs to be operating when performing athletic movements. It is deficiencies in posture that will often lead to poor recruitment patterns from major muscle groups leading to poor performance and poor integrated neuromuscular function.