Troponin test is simple, cheap and specific for heart attack only. The test is done using a drop of blood from finger in emergency room and is as simple as doing a blood group test. The strip looks like pregnancy test strip and a drop of blood is placed on the specific area .

If 2 lines appear test is positive for heart attack, if one line appears ,test is negative. There are Few False Negatives/positives and

This is the only test which is specific to show damage to muscles of heart Only, not another Smooth Muscle of the body.

A Lab technician can do the test.

It takes a minute to rule out Acidity/ Unstable Angina ( no damage to muscle of heart) 

This test is positive only when some damage has taken place after warnings of Angina pains which can be controlled with medication and Reversal of Symptoms of Pain does take place if the suffering person takes every care to Prevent a Heart Attack.

Most of the times the attending doctor at home or at emergency room does an ECG to Rule out a Heart attack and all of us know that this test can be Negative despite person suffering from a heart attack.

Do Not label it as an attack of Acidity Only before ruling out a heart attack by doing this simple test.

Ask for it as your right to know,if the facility is not available.

Most patients who have had a heart attack have increased levels within 6 hours. After 12 hours,almost everyone who has had a heart attack will have raised levels. 

Troponin levels will remain high for 1-2 weeks after a heart attack. Old damage/ heart attack changes are seen on ECG and may not be detected by this test. 

This test shows only recent Damage to Muscles of Heart ONLY.

Cost varies from just 300/- to 1000/- only.

I request my colleagues to keep kits in Emergency Bags to do this Specific for Heart Attack Only Test.