1. When you have neck pain for more than 6 weeks and it's not getting better with rest or painkiller:

2. When your pain is going down your arm:

3. When you have tingling or numbness in arm or hand:

4. When you find the weakness in your arms:

5. When your neck pain is severe and it's not getting better rather getting worse:

6. If you got any accidental injury with forceful impact with neck jerk in which you are prone to fracture or any muscle tear or nerve injury:

 7. If you have a severe headache that's not getting better:

8. When you have signs of nausea, vomiting and dizziness:

9. Severe throbbing pain in the neck and posterior occipital region:

10. If you are not able to move your neck forward with signs of fever or altered mental state: 

11. If you have sleep deprivation due to pain:

12. Sudden unintentional weight loss: