Here are 10 TIPS TO STAY Healthy on World Heart Day:

1) 150 min Exercise weekly in 5/7 days at least 30-40 min daily

2) Eat One fruit minimum daily Apple is best or any red colour fruit

3) Among Non-veg Fish is the best food for Heart

4) Do Preventive check which includes 2D Echo, TMT (Stress Test) once every 3 yr  after age 30

5) Those who have Diabetes Do regular checkup keep Sugar, Cholesterol Normal as adviced by Physician or Diabetologist Monitor HBA1C 6 monthly

6) Those who have Hypertension or Blood Pressure Monitor to keep it normal by Diet with or without medicine as per physician consult 

7) K (Potassium) rich diet found to be beneficial for Hypertension.

8) Those who had Heart illness, Angioplasty is done earlier or had Heart attack or at high risk must do regular follow up to MD/DNB Physician or Cardiologist at least Monthly or as advice from time to time by a doctor

9) A patient who has an illness like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Blockages need to continue diet control and minimum medicine as adviced

10) Most important, keep Your Life Stress-FREE, Do meditation, Yoga, Exercise as per instructor or Doctor suggestion to keep You healthy