1. Apply hair oil at least twice or thrice a week and massage it smoothly for 10 minutes. Massaging improves blood circulation very well which in turn reduces hair fall and helps in the growth of hair.

2. Do not let your scalp to be sweaty. Clean and shampoo your scalp regularly to maintain hygiene in your scalp area. 

3. Sweat promotes skin infection; this is because when sweat mixes with flakes on the scalp it might block the pores making the hair follicles inactive. Sweat triggers hair loss. This is why it is advisable to use a scarf or a bandanna before wearing a helmet or travelling keeping your scalp clean.

4. Proper use of shampoo, as well as conditioners which suit best for your hair, stops hair fall. Conditioners should not be used directly on your scalp but at the ends of your hair whereas shampoo should be applied on the scalp.

5. As our shampoos contain a large number of chemicals it is good to mix shampoo with a little amount of water before directly applying it on your scalp. Diluting your shampoo reduces hair loss.

6. Always wash your hair with warm water rather than with hot water as this will prevent breakage of hair and retain moisture.

7. Change the habit of using the blow-dryer to blow and dry your hair. Let your hair dry naturally to avoid hair fall as drying your hair weakens the hair root.

8. Wash your comb every time you wash your hair as this ensures the personal hygiene of your hair.

9. The best way to comb your hair is to first detangle it using your fingers, then use a wide toothed comb to brush it gently. Use a thin-toothed comb finally to brush and style it. All these steps will reduce hair loss.

10. Exposure to frequent changes like colouring, curling, straightening, hot ironing etc damages hair quickly to a great degree. Avoid unnecessary styling products which will ultimately stop your hair fall.