There is an epidemic of a sort in Metros. Women of all ages are undergoing Hormonal Imbalances. This imbalance is appearing in many forms and shapes such as PCOS, PMS, Infertility, Precocious Puberty. etc. The Most powerful Hormones of a woman are out of balance. This chemical imbalance is making women feel:

  • Angry,
  • Always Tired
  • Low on Emotional Stamina and
  • They commonly complain of pain especially a Headache.

Despite the above situation Hormones are underestimated. There are women patients coming and explaining that everything is fine in their marriage but for the 1-2 weeks phase when the menstrual flow day the mood swings start to happen; hurtful comments are common, and there is a complete loss of interest towards the husband. After this phase is over; women would return to their old pleasant self. But a lot of damage is done to the relationship. Many men are absolutely clueless about these behavioural changes and hence there may be little support available. 

Then there are women who have late children, no children at all or undergoing Menopause. They have another list of issues they are facing. 

Generally, Girls and Married Women, New Mothers Menopausal women have the following symptoms arising out of Hormonal Imbalance have the following:

  1. Headaches and Painkiller Abuse
  2. Alcohol Abuse 
  3. Anxiety  
  4. Stubbornness   
  5. Mood Swings 
  6. Insomnia 
  7. Brain Fog 
  8. Grumpiness      
  9. Chronic Fatigue 
  10. Low Sex Drive  
  11. Poor Skin
  12. Brittle Nails  
  13. Digestive Issues

And the tsunami-like experience 2-3 days before the period. Once the period starts there is calm. The reproductive years of a woman can are tough because of these imbalances and on top of that can put the marriage at risk. The explosives are bursting inside your body and in your relationships. Here are some power Tips to help you empower and be the Boss of your Hormonal Health.

Complex Hormone Dance inside your Body

1. Nonvegetarian food: 

The chemically treated non-vegetarian food is not good for Hormonal Health. It can cause havoc for your hormonal balance.  The meat contamination is rampant and therefore it is important you buy organic non-vegetarian food. Fish lovers can binge on Omega 3 rich fish as Omega 3 is helpful in weight reduction too. Avoid fatty meats and eat small portions.

2. Vegetarian Food

Vegetables need fertilizer to grow. Instead, if we start giving them Hormones they will become bigger but very toxic for human consumption. Therefore being vegetarian is not good enough. Rather Organic vegetables are key to your Hormonal Health.  As a vegetarian, you still need to eat clean protein to manage hormones. Protein incidentally lowers your hunger generating Hormone called Gherlin.

3. Weight Control

Hormonal imbalance can make you gain a lot of weight. Weight loss is 70% diet, 20% exercise and 10% getting enough sleep/relaxing. No amount of exercise will allow you to burn off a bad diet.Yoga is a powerful tool for solving Hormonal Balance.

4. Don’t fall for anti-depressants too soon

Anti-depressants may be the answer for the menopausal women who experience severe mood swings but even these medicines have severe side effects. If you are undergoing Menopause then work with your physician on taking this decision.

5. Alcohol and Smoking 

These are to be expelled from your lifestyle.  

6. Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B Complex 

These 3 are mandatory for a woman. But please be careful about contaminated milk. Even milk can be contaminated with hormones and antibiotics and further damage your out of control hormones.

7. Xenoestrogens

You start eating healthy food, exercise but still, there are no results. As explained above some foods may be laced with artificial hormones or insecticides etc. Please note that these hormones are also present in makeup kits, perfumes, plastic lunch box we use to pack food. These dangerous chemicals we get exposed to unknowingly be the Endocrine disruptors called, Xenoestrogens. So pack all your food in correct packing and don’t use makeup kits carelessly.

Make your husband understand your Hormonal System

Men are not able to understand that these behavioural changes are because of the disturbed delicate dance of the hormones in a woman. And therefore little help comes forth. And men also need to be educated so that they can support the women in their life. So the best approach will be to take the responsibility of your hormonal health yourself and educate your husband. Hormones rule the body from birth onwards. The environmental poison is reaching our bodies through food and further creating an imbalance. Lifestyle and Dietary changes can make a huge change in your life. Once you take charge of this complex hormonal system of your body you will become calmer, happy, optimistic throughout the month, have a clear, focused mind, improved memory and be able to sleep properly. And therefore enjoy your married life fully.