STRESS has become the buzz word of modern living; we tend to get stressed even over the slightest inconvenience and blame it for all our problems, even for making a woman infertile. But is stress really to be blamed for women failing to conceive?

According to an article published on WebMD News, there is no evidence that stress level adversely affects a woman’s chance of getting pregnant in a single cycle of the treatment. As per researcher Jacky Boivin PhD, health psychologist at Cardiff University in ”A lot of people worry that their stress, anxiety, tension, and worry might reduce their chances of pregnancy with a specific treatment cycle, but there is no evidence of that,”

However, Boivin and her team, doesn’t claim that stress has never affected fertility treatment. According to her, stress can impact the treatment and makes the patient give up soon. Hence, women undergoing fertility treatments should try to bring down their stress level.

How much stress actually needs to be blamed for infertility is a question that is still to meet an apt answer. It is too early to come to a decision that whether stress impacts fertility or not.

However, stress never allows a healthy and happy living; hence we must learn to control it. Here are some simple stress-busting tips that yield good results.

  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Have enough sleep
  • Go for vacations
  • Read interesting articles, novels or whatever that calms your mind
  • Pursue a hobby
  • Indulge in activities that you love
  • Take refreshing luke warm water baths
  • Seek professional help

A happy living is a healthy living. Cut down on stress factor,and as per fertility issues; there might be other reasons for it as well. A fertility expert can be the best judge, so try and seek professional help.