Yoga therapy focuses on all the elements of human being – Body, Mind and Soul. Medical research proves that yoga therapy is the most effective alternate therapies for many common ailments. Yoga therapy focuses on the adaptation and application of yoga techniques derived from the yoga tradition of Patanjali and Thirumoolar. This therapy helps people to face and manage their health challenges at any levels, reduces symptoms, restore balance and improve attitude.

By combining different techniques, yoga brings about specific changes in muscles, joints and organs. Yoga therapy enhances the blood circulation in the body and brain. A good example would be the way to understand how yoga can help overcome panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

When a particular way of technique is followed which has to be learnt from a trained professional, blood circulation in the prefrontal cortex of the brain is increased and hence a sense of control is gained. This allows the mind to rest calm and increases emotional stability.

When we introspect on the psychological level, the various techniques when followed correctly allows the psychic transformation. Yoga considers the psyche to be spread in different centers called chakras along the spine. Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and specific psychic qualities.

Common disease and Cure

Low Back Pain

In today’s mechanical world, 85% of people have low back pain and knee pain. In addition swelling in the ankle and leg pain have become very common. This is associated with the Mooladhara chakra which is related to feet, legs and spine. This chakra is also associated with the stability and rootedness. This chakra is related to the endocrine gland Adrenal. With special combination of yoga techniques and breathing controls this chakra can be regulated and the pain can be avoided.


Like the low back pain and leg pain another common disease seen today is digestion related problems. This is associated with the digestive organs and the endocrine gland pancreas. The chakra related is the Manipuraga chakra popularly known as Solar Plexus. When concentrated on this chakra with special combination of yoga techniques, this problem can be avoided.


As we all know PCOD is a problem of the ovaries and the associated chakra is Swadishtana Chakra. A combination of postures, breathing regulation and relaxation techniques can regularize this problem.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is related to the heart and the endocrine Gland is Thymus. The chakra associated is Anahata Chakra. This chakra is also responsible for the respiratory tract infections and Asthma. With a combination of yoga techniques respiratory problems, blood pressure can be controlled.


Blood sugar level increases or decreases as per the hormone secretion of the endocrine pancreas. The whole digestive system gets interrupted if this manipuraga chakra does not function well. Diabetics can lead to many other physical illnesses as well. Simple and effective combination of yoga techniques and relaxation techniques can avoid this silent killer disease.

Anger Control

Control of anger can be achieved with the regulation of breathe. Relaxation techniques, yoga, breathing and meditation can help the individual to get control over the anger.

It is evident from the above discussion that each chakra is associated with a particular endocrine gland and has specific control over our emotional stability. Yoga therapy focuses at regulating the chakra thereby regulating the concerned body parts. Hence yoga therapy focuses on the total wellbeing of the individual – Body, Mind and Soul.