Depression is a disorder of major public health importance, in terms of its prevalence and the suffering, dysfunction,morbidity, and economic burden. Depression is more common in women than men. Each year, between 30 and 40 people per 100,000 Indians aged between 15 and 29  are affected by Depression. This accounts for about a third of all suicides in the country.

Depression wants to take the joy out of your life, but you don’t have to let it. With proper treatment from traditional talk therapy to medications and lifestyle adjustments, the depression can be cured. People often do not understand that everyone person at some point in their lives go through Depression. 

Depression is caused not because of external factors like stress, or a bad relationship etc. It is mainly because of our own internal issues.

 As the saying goes "WHAT YOU EAT DOES NOT KILL YOU BUT WHAT EATS YOU DEFINITELY KILLS YOU". Any disease for that matter is a result because of our own thought process. It is our inability to cope with external factors be it in studies or in work or in any other fields. These factors trigger the disease process,which is outwardly seen as depression or any other disease. So the cause for Depression is within us and the first step to get rid of it is to acknowledge this very fact!

Homoeopathy helps in realizing these facts, and with proper medication, the person will be completely out of depression. Unlike other medicines it does not act superficially  but gets to the root of the problem and resolves it. The root cause for the disturbance is found out in a detailed case being taken and then the medicine is administered. In many cases of depression, anxiety disorders, the person will not able to reason out the cause and the reason as to why they are behaving in a particular manner.The medicine helps them to regain balance and confidence about themselves while it brings about an awareness between reality and a delusional world. The medicine also brings a sense of tranquility and peace of mind.

So remember, if you feel that all the doors are closed, then there will always be a window open. I can emphatically state that this window can definitely be opened by homeopathy in the field of medical science