In Homeopathy there are many medicines which are much effective for cold, coryza and cough.

Actually that should be taken after physician's consultation. In Homeopathy there is treatment for disease individual and not for particular disease. E.g. we all suffer from different symptoms even in simple winter cough and cold. Few got coryza with much thirst and dryness of mouth and few with no thirst at all.

One can use Homeopathy with confidence, Its false belief that homeopathy is only for chronic conditions and takes time for its action. Exact medicines are as fast as other methods. Rather its safe to use homeopathy in comparison with higher antibiotics and decongestants & especially for Children.

I can give many examples of acute quick results with homeopathic medicines like Allium cepa, Arsenic Album, Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Aconite Bryonia and etc.

Use Homeopathy be wise be safe.

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