Choosing a hair transplant surgery is only a permanent solution to deal with the issue of the pattern hair loss affects both men and women. Everyone wants to have a head full of hair with acceptable coverage and desired hairline design, but very few surgeons know to put the effect aesthetically in terms of natural hairline as well as cosmetic accepted density. 

The goal of picking the surgical restoration of hair is centrally focussed on getting the desired number of grafts to fulfil the demand of the present grade of Norwood baldness. Initially, the hair transplant surgery was performed by only extracting the roots from the donor area that further implanted into the recipient balding part, either by the FUT technique or through the FUE method. But, with the advancement in the technique and methods now it is performed along with the therapy of the PRP injection boosts the outcomes. The procedure has only a goal, but the need is extended in terms of the desired density, expected volume and the natural hairline that can only fulfil if the technique is performed effectively with the right choice of option and performed in such a manner that encourages the results. This is the PRP or the platelet-rich plasma injection that accelerate the outcomes of the procedure by fasting the healing process as well as the improving hair regrowth. 

By the following points, we are describing the need for Bio-enhanced hair transplant surgery:

  1. It improves the Hair Growth: Since the PRP injection contains fresh blood plasma that is directly taken out from the patient’s own body and injected further into the areas where hair loss is experienced results in activation of the growth factors hence improved hair growth after the hair transplantation. However, it is recommended to receive the PRP injection along with the hair transplant surgery to double the effect of hair transplant surgery. Therefore, the PRP injection along with the hair transplant procedure called the bio-enhanced hair transplant procedure.
  2. It helps in expediting healing Process: The bio-effective hair transplant has plus benefits from the expedited healing process. The procedure of hair restoration is a tactful process that works on the basis of the transferring of hair roots from one location to another that is done by the surgical transferring process. The surgical step needs the incision and suture with the FUT technique, whereas a small spot extraction leaves the area wounded for some time after the procedure needs the healing time. The PRP injection contains the growth factor and thus helps in faster healing after the hair transplant surgery.
  3. The Best results with the best quality of Hair: The best quality of hair is possible to receive after the bio-effective hair transplant surgery. One can receive the best natural hair that will possess the quality with respect to colour, calibre, and texture. The PRP injection is full of growth factor due to the content of the fresh blood plasma protein; however, choosing the option of hair restoration with the PRP session is the best way to combat the hair loss problem. The blood plasma protein is concentrated followed by the particular RPM force and thus it gets possible to receive the thicker plasma protein that induces the outcomes.
  4. One can receive the Faster Results: Yes, of course, the bio-enhanced hair transplant procedure helps in achieving the faster hair regrowth as the hair roots get activated by the growth factors that are injected during the procedure with the PRP. However, getting the faster the growth, expedite healing, and improved outcomes are possible if the procedure of hair transplant is performed along with the PRP session. Therefore, the bio-enhanced hair transplant surgery also shortens the time of receiving the fuller results with a head full of hair.