Desi Ghee - The always blamed, always misunderstood essential! Yes, that’s what the catch is! Desi Ghee is always blamed as the biggest culprit in our weight Loss journey. It is famed to be fattening and unhealthy. To tell you all, all and every edible thing on this earth is unhealthy and fattening if not eaten without a portion control. And so, the game-changer fact is GHEE is the new super food needed in your weight loss journey. Pure ghee contains only short chain fatty acids which provide energy for the cell lining of your colon. However, the ghee has to be home-made without any preservatives. Your own humble, kitchen companion,the ghee is loaded with VITAMIN A, D, E and K and is very rich in DIETARY FATS, the fat required by your body to digest these vitamins. Pure ghee doesn’t only boost your mental and physical strength but also strengthens your immune system. It is an excellent body-cleanser and strengthens your eye sight, muscles and tendons. For all you weight watchers out there, ghee is low in unhealthy fatty acids and is easy to digest. In fact, it stimulates the digestive process and aids in weight loss. It also protects your stomach lining from digestive acids and strengthens the cell membranes. Ghee is free of trans-fats and oxidized cholesterol. However, Watch out your portion. Don't let it exceed 10-15 gms a day.

Nutritious Bites

Dt.Palki Chopra