Take few precautions about any communicable disease passed on through humans or animals. Every Germ gets killed on cooking. Germs of Deadly AIDS cannot survive for more than 15 minutes when exposed to Sun or washed with routine antiseptic.

If doctors were so cautious about their own health, our forefathers would not have invented Penicillin or Medicines for deadly Plague.

Agree that Prevention is the Mantra but it is of no use to spread Panic about Seasonal Illnesses. Birds may be dying due to Many Reasons.

Every Death of Any Bird is Not Due to Germs of Bird Flu.

Doctors are getting cautious about online practice. Why ? 

It gives us pleasure when a patient tells us that they have been referred by Practo after searching online.

No body will Slap a Court case, if Job has been done well , charges are modest and patient is not made to hop from one center to another.

Take simple precautions but do enjoy your well cooked non vegetarian dishes,including eggs. Yellow of egg does carry germs of Typhoid but people started eating boiled/ cooked eggs instead of Raw eggs and That was it ! 

No body stopped eating eggs because half cooked eggs May Be carrying germs of Typhoid.

Simple precautions are known to everyone.

Do Wear a mask as Pollution is deadlier than Bird Flu !

Do wash your hands as It is a Good Habit that prevents other diseases too.

Maintain Cleanliness in surroundings. Do Not Let Every disease get Multiplied due to Filth.

Swatch Bharat for Me too and for Everyone as a Duty !

Eat only Completely cooked meat and meat products ( 100 degree C)

If it is a Flu, treat it like routine Flu which has no Specific tests or treatment. H1N1 blood test may be Negative.

It Takes at least 7 days to recover from flu, remain in isolation but within home only as in hospitals one is likely to spread infection to a lot more people. Maintain Hygiene, remain hydrated by drinking lots of water, Salt gargles/steam inhalation helps clear the respiratory passages besides acting as anti septic. Take medicines for fever and take light nourishment with lots of proteins but little fats only.