It is a type of personality disorder, where an individual experiences mood swings, anxiety, anger and depressive features which can stay for a few hours to days. Usually, a person can exhibit varying patterns of self-image, emotion, and behavior.

A person, with a borderline personality disorder, may show uncertainty with their thoughts, views, opinion, and interests. A friend can become an enemy within a moment. Their feelings towards others change frequently and thus they tend to have an unstable pattern of interpersonal relationships and communication.

The typical features visible in this disorder are:

1. Fear of abandonment

2. Intense and unstable relationships

3. Trust issues accompanied by irrational fear and intense emotion

4. Self-harming behavior 

5. Intense and rapid change of mood

6. Unstable sense of self or self-image

7. Impulsive and often dangerous behavior

8. Intense and uncontrollable anger

However, if these behaviors, signs, and symptoms occur during the phase of elevated mood, then it may also indicate mood disorder.

A person suffering from this disorder may develop or like to experience symptoms of major depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar mood disorder, substance abuse, and an eating disorder. 

Note: If anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder show suicidal or self-harming behavior, then it indicates an alarming situation and needs immediate help or intervention. 

Research scientist suggests that family history/genetics, brain, neurotransmitters, environmental, social and cultural factors, perhaps may be responsible for causing and amplifying this disorder.

This personality disorder is usually dealt with Psychiatric medication and psychotherapy. In Psychotherapy, generally Dialectical Behavior Therapy and cognitive behavior therapy along with mindfulness training is used to help the person and has been found to be moderately effective, mentioned by scientific research studies.

Thus, one of the most better ways to deal with this psychological disorder is to seek the best help from a mental health professional, get assessed and take the best suggestions and solutions for the effective management of this problem.