Liposuction is a widely used cosmetic technique for improving appearance and reducing stubborn fat from the body. Not only for physical appearance, but the procedure is used in many other medical conditions. If you are planning to undergo liposuction you must know the outcome and under what conditions it is performed.


Liposuction is more commonly used to contour body parts rather than reducing weight. It may not make you look stick thin but give you a better shape. It is more of a cosmetic procedure than a weight loss procedure as it only removes undesirable fat and results are not very dramatic.

Treats Gynaecomastia

It is used to treat the development of breast in men known as gynecomastia. It may be genetic or caused due to steroid usage. Gynaecomastia can be successfully treated with the liposuction procedure. It may require some secondary treatment for loose skin as this procedure does not have much effect on the skin.

Treats Lymphedema 

Lymphedema is a condition caused due to poor function of lymph nodes or removal of lymph nodes which leads to poor drainage of fluid. This fluid gets accumulated in extremities that need treatment. Liposuction can help cure severe lymphedema if conservative treatment fails.

Other than that, there are other conditions which require liposuction. If you expect any of such conditions to be treated by the treatment, you can book an appointment with specialist plastic surgeon.