You may call it one of the vagaries of living in a city where we have all lifestyle comforts of modern day at our disposal, but one…the comfort of clean healthy air!

There seems to be nothing wrong with us and our lifestyle, still we are a target of allergies.

Allergies that can crop up in any form, in the form of Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Allergic cough in the respiratory tract or as eczema rashes on the skin, leaving you baffled, itchy, exhausted, tired and desperate to pinpoint the origin of this allergy.

The origin is hard to find and even harder to accept that it is your own body that is reacting so sharply to the environment. Most people suffering from allergy often feel short-changed wondering as to how come the person sitting next to them is healthy while they are coughing and sneezing away…. The reason is obvious, one person’s immunity is higher than the others’.

Allergies manifest in various forms on the body. The more you try to suppress it with an anti-allergic medications, the more are the chances that it will show up elsewhere on the body. With some medication, your allergic cough may one day give way to itchiness on the skin only to move further from skin to your joints and bones. Its like trying to hold a very powerful enemy in a small containment, the enemy is sure to find its way out.

The best way will be to give an outlet to the enemy by understanding the root cause of this trouble. When our body is exposed to an allergen, it gets into a defensive mode by producing more mucous. To combat this excess mucous, you take an inhaler shot, the mucous dries up instantly but stays where it is. More such episodes and your airways start getting clogged and narrow with mucous remains. As they become narrow, you press hard to breathe in the required amount of oxygen resulting in wheezing, tightness in the chest and breathlessness.

What if you had a cleaning brush that could sweep this mucous off your airways and lung cavities….? This is where a natural therapy called salt therapy comes in. 99.9% NaCl that is sprayed in the salt room enters your airways and starts to react with the mucous present there. Mucous starts melting and leaving your body through sputum. You get clean airways, the allergy causing mucous is gone and you are back to breathing normally again. And the best part is that your lungs are soaking in more oxygen restoring body immunity. Salt therapy is a simple yet scientific solution to your asthma and allergies with no side effects!