Accumulating over weight is a bad habit of body of many, and getting out of bad habits are really difficult. There are a few successful methods thru which one can reduce body weight, which includes proper diet and ayurvedic medicines. By strictly following the rules of ayurvedic shodhana treatment one can get rid of extra fat deposited. 

Ashtangahrudayam a renowned text describes formulations of herbs which can go deep to the tissues and cleanse. A combination of gingelly oil and ghee is called yamaka when added with these herb formulations works better than any other form of ayurvedic medicine. The digestive fire of the obese person has to be corrected in the beginning. Then the weight reduction yamaka formula can be taken for a number of days as per the requirement. Then massage to face and body to be carried out for two or three days, this can be done with expert therapists. Purgation therapy with herbs such as a mix of triphala, sonamukhi and trivruth which induce purgation for many times has to be undergone for one or two days. The food consumed in each of these days has to be light, warm and nutritious and not junk foods or stored ones. This will give the required result of weight loss up to 10kg without any side effects. The regain of lost weight can be avoided with follow up medications and strict diet patterns.