Hair loss from the hairline or crown in men and women can occur due to many reasons, more commonly due to hormonal effect, nutrition, stress and lifestyle imbalance. The exact reason can be found out by taking the detailed history and hair analysis.

Treatment includes:

1. Internal methods:

  • Anti-hair loss medicines
  • Hair-specific multivitamins
  • Medicine to stop the ill effect of hormones on hair

2. External methods:

  • Lotions and gels 
  • Non-surgical external treatments are available that show good results and can prevent hair transplant. These are mesoporation with hair peptides, stem cell, derma roller, PRP etc. that are prescribed according to diagnosis. You can expect results in 6 to 8 months with a combination of these treatments

Before spending money on anti-hair loss lotions, make sure you visit a dermatologist and know the proper combination of treatments that can benefit you