There's no doubt that monsoon is the favourite season for a lot of people. In fact, there are people who wait for the rainy season all year round, and seek respite from the dreaded heat! But the very people loathe monsoons because they bring along hair troubles for them. You know, the weather is sticky, there's too much humidity in the air, and as a result, there's of course an increase in hair fall too.

Combing hair after shampooing often becomes a nightmare for a lot of women during monsoon, because they simply dread looking at the amount of hair-fall the weather causes! Or if you tend to have scalp problems like dandruff, then it becomes even more troublesome to keep your hair healthy during monsoons. But of course, let's not lose heart or hair for that matter! How? Simple!

Follow these simple yet effective top 5 tips for hair care in monsoons!

  1. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your hair. Yes! A lot of us underestimate the importance of drinking enough liquids. While a lot of people stress its importance for healthy skin, not many know that it's equally important for healthy hair as well. Especially during monsoon, the hair tends to become brittle and break easily. So drink lots of water to hydrate your hair and keep them healthy. 
  2. Because your hair becomes sticky and dirty easily during the monsoon, it makes sense to wash your hair at least thrice a week during the rainy season. Also, make sure not to use either too hot or too cold water for washing your hair. 
  3. Dandruff is always a big problem during monsoons, because of the humidity in the air. So, if you also tend to have dandruff, then, of course, go in for a medicated herbal shampoo to treat the problem. There are a lot of home remedies also to treat the dandruff problem which you can follow to keep the problem at bay. 
  4. Diet also plays a really important in keeping your hair healthy. Yes! Ever given it a thought? Hair is also a part of your body only, so whatever you eat definitely decides the health of your hair as well. Go for protein-rich foods like eggs, walnuts, and fish. Green leafy veggies, especially spinach, are again excellent for your hair.
  5. We all love to get wet in the rain once in a while, right? After all, we all have that little kid hidden in us! But while it's okay to do that sometimes, make sure you shampoo your hair immediately after. Leaving your hair wet, that too with rainwater is a strict no-no!

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