Frustrated with dandruff? 

Well, that's because you are trying to fight it! My suggestion is don't... I rather say that let's try to 'tame it'. I sound funny right? But I say this at the expense of sounding funny because dandruff or a flaky scalp is a tendency. It tends to stick around more than often. You may have periods where your scalp is very clean and periods where there are so many flakes that they completely cover your scalp. So this battle you are in against dandruff will continue. 

But if you really are looking at a relatively dandruff free scalp then the best way ( to maintain a healthy scalp) is to continue using your dermatologist prescribed anti-dandruff shampoo(not those shampoos we see in TV commercial. Those are all marketing gimmicks! Once your dandruff is in the remission phase you needn't use an antidandruff shampoo often (but that doesn't mean stop it altogether)... rather use it at least once in 10 to 15 days. This really helps keep the flaking at bay and makes you happier! Try it out! But remember to consult a dermatologist before you do.