There are some special ways you can avoid or reduce the muscle soreness to be followed while working out. Check them out below.

  • Doing warm-ups and cool downs between the sets can help you reduce the chance of muscle soreness.
  • Be sure you are taking time to breath properly before doing the next sets
  • Stretch your muscles before starting the next set. Loosening muscles and increasing flexibility of the muscle groups will reduce the chances of post workout muscle soreness.
  • One more important point to be considered is doing alternative light and heavy workouts to prevent or reduce muscle soreness and injury.
Pre-Workout Steps To Keep In Mind For Quality Recovery:

Now, if you were stuck with the belief that post workout recovery is limited to the steps followed during and after recovery, then you are going wrong here! The quality of recovery after workout also depends on pre-workout steps followed by you. So let us check some of the most essential steps to be kept in mind before workout.

  • Take quality lean protein, complex carbohydrates in case you are planning for intense workouts.
  • It is good to take your meal at least two hours before your workout so as to prevent self from any digestion issues, cramps etc.
  • Efficient absorption by the muscle cells is possible if you take BCCA before and while doing your workouts.
  • Rest and sleep is also important for keeping the muscles relaxed