10% of the population suffers from some kind of mental illness. Then Why Stigmatize Mental Illnesses?

A movie is soon to be released,to celebrate the beauty of Imperfections & in being different and shouts out, Sanity is Overrated. Just by looking within, one gets answers to difficult problems. Reading autobiographies helps. Being discreet about own problems helps.

Here are other quick tips to deal with mental illness at a personal level:

  • Never make a Tamasha of personal problems as people are caught up in their own complexities & by sharing with others, one diverts the attention from individual 'guarded' problems to a social gossip.
  • Lifestyle management is in - Reading good books about healthy lifestyle, taking care of your diet, cooking your own food diverts the mode of illness.
  • Staying occupied with specific work helps like a medicine.
  • If not happy in a group, be a Loner - It is worth being a productive loner. Purpose of being a loner is two fold: to listen to your body, and to understand how your body can heal itself when a chance is given.
  • Remember that doctors as specialists & counselors are here to help with or without medicines - Try avoid eating medicines as far as possible and accept that it is a temporary phase.
  • After effects can become worse that the disease itself - there should be no escape routes via parties, extra socialization, extra foods or overdoing any activity that may have negative repercussions.
  • Food does soothe the anger within - Succumbing to depression eating will only make things worse. You are allowed to eat your favourite snack/ chocolate/ ice-creams when you feel low & really crave for it, but make sure to be aware of the portions and not binge eat them.
  • Stay Away from Negative People. It helps to focus better on the job at hand.